Which Brush Is Best?

Industrial Cleaning Brushes: What Will Work Best For Me?

To improve the performance of your machine, it’s important to understand how to best use your industrial floor sweeper to achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible.

We’re often quizzed about which brushes will work best for different applications, so we thought we’d provide you with a little ‘Brushes 101’, discussing the various brush types available for each industrial floor sweeper, and what they can do for you.

All industrial brushes are designed with one main goal: to provide you with clean floors and a sanitary working environment. Having over 40 years’ experience in the cleaning industry we understand only too well that each of our customers have different requirements depending on the application (and current standard of the floor) and the requirements of their own market sector. The different brushes you use with your industrial cleaning machine produce different results.

Which Brush Is Best?

Each of the machines that we provide come with a variety of brush options available. If you’re not sure which style of brush would be best, give us a call and explain your current situation; we will listen to your specifications and advise which brush would provide you with what you need.

The Scrubbers

Champ 3529

  • The 18” Polyblock Nylon Brush is perfect for mild to medium scrubbing, such as cleaning painted or newly laid concrete floor.
  • 18” Polyblock Stratagrit or ‘Tynex’ Brushes are an aggressive and industrial brush for use on bare concrete or very heavy applications where deep cleaning is required. The bristles are carbon with minimal flex so they are ideal for very dirty and oily floors.
  • Pad drivers fitted with pads – All scrubber driers can be fitted with pad drivers which you then attach a pad to. The pads come in different levels of abrasion with white being the softest (for light use and buffing) and black being the harshest (for stripping floors or removing fork truck tyre marks and heavy staining).

Champ 2929

  • The 15” nylon brush is the perfect brush for light to medium cleaning, it is long lasting, low maintenance and suitable for most floor types.
  • 15” Polyblock Stratagrit or ‘Tynex’ Brushes are hard and aggressive brushes for use on tough environments.
  • This type of brush could damage a new or painted floor so always test them in a small area first before use.
  • Pad drivers fitted with pads – Pads of various colours produce different results. There are five types of pad (white, red, blue, green and black) which have different levels of coarseness. Pads are a good choice for smooth concrete floors.

Wrangler 3330

  • The 17” Nylon Brush is the ideal addition to your industrial cleaning machine where light to medium scrubbing is your main goal.
  • The 17” Nylon Grit-Filled Brush is perfect for heavy concrete scrubbing, so is ideal for larger scale areas such as warehouses or factories.
  • The 17” Wire Brush is ideal for scarification where layers of old debris and muck need to be removed quite aggressively.
  • The 17” Scrub Grit Brush offers a mild to medium scrub on a range of floor surfaces, perfect for stubborn grime.

Wrangler 2625

  • Both the 13” Polyblock Nylon Brush and the 13” Scrub Grit Brush are capable of mild to medium scrubbing, removing dust and debris around your warehouse or industrial building.
  • The 13” Nylon Grit-Filled Brush is the perfect tool for aggressive concrete scrubbing in smaller areas, due to the reduced brush and machine size.

The Sweepers

There are three main styles of sweeper brush, which can be used for a variety of different tasks.

Natural Fibre Brushes

Natural fibre brushes offer the more delicate touch, and are perfect for delicate floors or areas where you find a lot of fine dust building up. If you don’t maintain your dust level, this can be moved around your workspace as machines and or your staff move around, causing dust inhalation in more than one area of the building.

Polypropylene Brushes

Polypropylene brushes are perfect for cleaning up larger debris due to their flexibility and sweep capacity. The polypropylene bristles are less abrasive on floors than steel brushes but are still incredibly effective in the extraction of debris and dust.

Steel & Polypropylene Brushes

Steel and polypropylene brushes can be used both indoors and outdoors for heavy duty sweeping, where dust levels are heightened and debris is an issue. The steel bristles are more heavy duty and robust than purely polypropylene alone, making these brushes perfect for outdoor application.

Of course, we’ll be able to best advise you on the brushes that are ideal for your machine and your workspace environment upon having a thorough chat with you about your venue and your end goals.

We offer both purchase and hire options, so we maintain a budget-friendly service for all scales of business. If you’d like to test out your industrial cleaning machines with alternative brushes, give us a quick call regarding your scrubber or sweeper hire – we’d love to hear from you on 01325 377 803!

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Which Machine Is The Best For My Workspace?

Get The Most Out Of Your Cleaning Machine For Your Workspace

Here at SRS Clean we have a whole host of brand new and second hand cleaning machines designed for all types of floor and for a range of different sized spaces.

While it may seem easy to pick your preferred cleaning machine, it’s important to take the time to think about which machine will be the best for your space, so you receive a machine meets your needs.

Do you need a machine that’s best suited for a concrete floor in a large space, or a machine perfect for manoeuvring over tiled floors in a small space? We’re going to be going through some of our best sellers and what they’re best suited for, to make sure you get the right machine for you! Remember, we offer our SRS Flexi Cleaning Machine Hire option, so you’re able to test out some of our different cleaning machines before making your long term decision.

Large Area Machines

With a range of second hand cleaning machines, we may have just what you’re looking for when it comes to clearing a lot of ground.



The Eureka is the biggest electric ride-on sweeper that we have in our range. However, it has a compact design and is incredibly easy to manoeuvre, meaning that it can clean the worst messes with ease. The Eureka is very popular amongst warehouses that are looking to hire cleaning machines for the removal of debris whilst also scrubbing the floors. The machine’s cylindrical scrub action with debris catch tray makes this machine absolutely perfect for large warehouse-type areas.



The Magnum is a big electric ride on, specifically designed for large logistics sites (50k square foot or more) or foundries. As the machine can also cope with outdoor spaces, it’s the perfect cleaning machine for cleaning car parks as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Magnum comes with a large battery pack, so it has an impressive runtime, with no fumes or emissions.


The biggest sweeper in outdoor range is the Armadillo, aptly named as it is the perfect cleaning machine for the toughest applications. The machine is LPG or diesel powered, so it has an unlimited run time. However big the application, the Armadillo is the one for the job!

Medium (to Large) Area Machines


Wrangler 3330

The Wrangler 3330 is the perfect cleaning machine for aisles between racking on warehouse floors, covering moderate to large areas. The Wrangler is a great option where you need to cover a fairly large area, but budget might not stretch at the current point to a ride on machine. The Wrangler 3330 is also commonly used for diamond polishing on retail floors to really shine up that floor to commercial standard. The machine can be fitted with a range of brushes (soft, hard, or pad drivers with pads) so is adaptable to almost any application.

NSS Champ ZS29 & NSS Champ ZS35

The NSS Champ ZS29 & ZS35 is also a good choice for warehouse and factory floors, but where there are big enough areas to justify ride on cleaning machines. The NSS Champs are a very good choice for medium applications, as although they are ride on, they have a tight turning circle, so you won’t have any manoeuverability issues. The NSS Champs can be fitted with soft scrub brushes, hard scrub brushes or pad drivers with pads, so they can be adapted to be used on relatively any floor surface.


Rider 1201 & The B980RH Sweeper

Both the Rider 1201 & B980RH small ride on sweepers are amazing little sweeper machines for dust control in larger warehouse applications and building sites. They are compact enough to be space-friendly, while being capable of covering some moderate to large applications. The Rider 1201 has a manual hopper, whereas the B98RH comes with a hydraulic tip, depending on your preference.

This machine is capable of getting all of those hard to get places with a wide sweeping path and dual brushes and is an ideal warehouse sweeper as well as road sweeper. With a built in Automatic shaker that helps clean any and all debris from the filter to better fill the hopper there’s nothing to hold this machine back.

Small (to Medium) Area Machines


Wrangler 2625

The Wrangler 2625 is most commonly used in factories for pedestrian walk ways on painted, concrete or resin floors. The machine is incredibly manoeuvrable so it’s definitely the man for the job when you’re wanting to clean small to medium sized areas (between 5 – 20k square feet). Similar to the NSS Champs, the Wrangler can be fitted with a multitude of different brushes so can tackle any floor surface you’re looking to clean.


Hamster 800E Pedestrian Sweeper

The Hamster is the ideal machine to sweep and contain fine dust or small debris for internal applications. This cleaning machine is often used on construction sites and small warehouses due to it’s size. It can also be used to carry out a pre-sweep before using a scrubber drier.

If you’re still not sure about the best machine for you, give us a quick call at 01325 377803 and tell us all about the area you’re looking to clean and we’ll advise upon the machine we believe will be the best fit for your space. If you’d prefer to email us, drop us a line at info@srsclean.co.uk.

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Why Should I Hire Floor Cleaning Equipment?

Purchase Vs. Hire: Why Should I Consider Floor Cleaning Machine Hire?

Hire floor cleaning machines

When it comes down to it, hiring a machine allows for flexibility that buying a machine outright may not. For companies with capital to spend and who know exactly what machinery will be required on site for at least the next 5 years then purchasing a cleaning machine may be the most cost effective option.

However, for those that need a bit more flexibility, or if you have a very demanding application to clean where a full maintenance programme and machine rotation is required we offer a variety of casual hire options which range from spot hire of 1 week or more to a rolling, long term hire facility that we call SRS Flexi Hire.

Spot Hire

Sometimes disaster strikes, and it’s totally unavoidable: there’s a huge spillage or an unexpected flood – you need to clean up in a hurry. We offer same or next day delivery, on all of our cleaning machines. For those emergency situations, we’ve got your back.

Short to Medium Term Hire

We find that short to medium term hire is sought most often to test a machine or to carry out a periodic clean of facilities. Clients of ours who see a seasonal increase tend to prefer this option, as we’re able to provide you with machinery purely for when you need it (shopping centres in late December for example, when there is more customer footfall and car parks are dirtier due to the weather conditions).

SRS Flexi Hire

With our casual SRS Flexi hire option there’s no contract to sign because we understand that you won’t always need the exact same machine on site at all times. We offer this rolling hire arrangement based on a longer term hire requirement in mind (usually over 6 months) however, with over 40 years experience, we understand that site requirements can change, so we make it easy for you to upsize, downsize or de-hire machines at any point without notice or termination costs.

Your required machine will be delivered directly to you by one of our experienced team, fully set up (with the correct brushes fitted) and we’ll provide you with fully certified operator training.

With a flexi floor cleaning machine hire plan, the weekly rate includes regular servicing, all callouts, parts and labour. To minimise any downtime on site, if you do need a replacement machine at any point, we’re more than happy to supply this as soon as possible. At no stage in the process will we charge you fees, penalties or termination costs if you decide you need to de-hire your machine or change your equipment.

Why is hiring the better option for me?

If you choose to hire your machine rather than purchase outright, you are able to hire a machine just for a specific task, with no ties to a contract, which you can return once it’s no longer needed. If your business size changes, if your plans change, or if your need for a machine changes, the process to ‘off hire’ is simple and easy, without the need for a notice period.

In terms of support and minimising downtime, if your machine unexpectedly (and unfortunately!) breaks and our field engineer can’t fix your machine on site we’ll replace it with a like-for-like model. Obviously with hiring a machine, our rates exclude negligent damage and replacement consumables, but providing the machine is taken care of any additional costs will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Even if you are ideally looking to buy a new or refurbished floor cleaning machine, you could initially hire one as it allows you to fully evaluate and test the machine in your own environment.

Hiring can often be the most effective option as you can also keep up with new technology as it enters the market place and you are not left with an older, less effective and temperamental machine not getting used. Hiring cleaning machines ensures you always have the best machine on site that matches your current requirements, and there’s no need to raise capital expenditure or be tied into long term contracts or lease agreements.

SRS’ rates don’t just cover the cost of the machine. So that we’re safe in the knowledge that you know how to control and use the machine comfortably and effectively, we provide you with full operator training before we leave the cleaning machine in your capable hands. We offer complete peace of mind as we cover delivery, installation, full certified operator training and ongoing servicing.

If you’re interested in hiring floor cleaning machines from SRS Cleaning equipment, please get in touch by calling 01325 377803 or fill out our quick contact form here.

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Scrubbers 101

Scrubbers 101

Before you purchase or hire your scrubber driers, we thought you might find it useful to learn the ins and outs of the machines we provide, making the transition to using your new machine far easier. (Though, of course, we provide you with full training by a qualified operator).

How does a scrubber work?

Our walk behind or ride on scrubbers both work in similar manners, which makes your life easier!

The machine is filled up with clean water (it can be warm or cold, but nothing warmer than 40 degrees c) along with the correct dilution of the chemical/ degreaser if you know you have stubborn marks to remove.

Some smaller walk-behind scrubber driers might hold 50 litres of water, whereas the large ride-on units could hold up to 250 litres in the clean water tank.

With a lever or a switch, the operator controls how much chemical and water is fed to the scrub brush area. There are different grades of scrub brush, depending on the floor type. For example, you might need soft nylon brushes for a painted floor, or aggressive carbon grit brushes for a bare concrete floor with heavy staining.

The brushes rotate at speed to agitate the dirt on the floor and remove marks and stains. As the operator drives forward, there is a squeegee bar on the back of the machine which is connected to a vacuum that sucks up the dirty residual water, and retains this in a recovery tank. This leaves the floor clean, safe and dry for other site traffic such as fork lift trucks.

The scrubber tank, known as the ‘dirty water’ or ‘recovery’ tank will need emptying once all the clean water has been used. This is done using a rubber or plastic drain hose which on most scrubbers located at the back of the machine. Once most of the dirty water has been emptied, we’d recommend flushing this through with some clean water to stop any residue or smells building up.

Which scrubber is suitable for me?

The most suitable scrubber drier mainly depends on the size of your application. For large warehouse with wide aisles a ride-on model will be more productive whereas a factory that has equipment on the shop floor may need something smaller, possibly a walk-behind scrubber that is more manoeuvrable for negotiating tighter areas.

Another consideration is of what power type would work best for your operation. Most scrubber driers are battery powered (no cables) but the larger units are also available in LPG (gas bottles) and diesel. It is always best to speak to the experts and use their knowledge and experience on recommending the best machine for the task.
How do maintain I my scrubber?

We provide full operator training on all our scrubber driers which also includes instruction on how to carry out daily/weekly checks on the machine. If you have a heavy duty scrubber drier that is correct for your application then the maintenance should be pretty painless and involves the following:


After use, ensure brush and vacuum motors are switched off, and lift the brushes and squeegees off the floor.

Empty recovery tank and rinse with clean water.

Wipe down the squeegee blades with a clean cloth.

Remove/ clean and re-install float valve which is located in the recovery tank.

Check battery levels (not required on gel batteries).


Remove, rinse and dry pad drivers or brushes and squeegee assembly and inspect for wear.

Adjust squeegee blade performance.

Check in line filter for the water valve for any blockages.

If you’re on the market for an upgrade on your current scrubber drier, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us at 01325 377803 or send us an email to sales@srsclean.co.uk or hire@srsclean.co.uk

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Top Tips To Avoid Machine Malfunction

Industrial Cleaning Equipment Maintenance

Regular servicing will prolong the life of your cleaning machine as we can pick up on any small fixes before they become anything that will cause the machine’s performance to deteriorate.

Our general advice when looking at getting the industrial cleaning machine best suited to you, is to consider the job in hand. Purchasing purely based upon price is likely to lead to problems further down the line.

At SRS we provide industrial cleaning equipment that is reliable and heavy duty, perfect for all applications and the worst of messes.

What Does SRS Provide?

SRS Cleaning Equipment specialise in supplying and supporting demanding applications, and with over 35 years of experience under our belt, we’ve definitely learned how to best take care of our industrial cleaning equipment.

We provide operator check sheets with all our machines to help the machine run at optimum performance levels, which in turn helps you get the most out of your machine.

If you choose to hire your machine, we will provide you with a full service of the machine (which includes PAT testing) and guidelines on what you can do to keep your machine in it’s best working order.

For purchased machines, we can offer you ad-hoc or preventative maintenance service contracts to suit the your requirements and the machine’s application.

When we deliver your machine we will provide you free and extensive training so you’re confident in using and caring for your industrial cleaning machine. We often recommend that only a few staff members are allocated as specific operators, rather than dozens, as then the allocated operators really get acquainted with the cleaning machines, which encourages them to take responsibility of the machine rather than assuming that someone else will empty it and clean it down.

Our General In-House Maintenance Tips:

Daily To Do

  • Check the machine’s brushes, and remove.
  • Check the machine’s battery levels – top up with distilled water to the metal plates.
  • For every 30 minutes of use, shake the filters for 15 seconds.
  • Empty the debris hopper.
  • Make sure to vacuum up any additional water that the scrub deck may have left!
  • Check for any debris or banding around the brushes and remove.
  • Empty the recovery tank and debris catch tray. Rinse the long debris tray with clean water.
  • Wipe down squeegee blades with a clean cloth – check the vacuum pipe is clean.
  • Remove, clean and reinstall the float valve in the recovery tank.

Weekly Work

  • Check the battery connections.
  • Clean your machine.
  • If your squeegee blade is wearing, flip or rotate if necessary.
  • Fully clean down the underneath of the machine with a hose pipe.

Monthly Maintenance

  • Remove and clean the dust filters
  • Check the rubber skirts for wear or damage
  • Visually inspect all belts for condition/ tightness

Cleaning Sweepers and Scrubber Driers:

To clean your industrial sweepers, you would take the following steps:

  • Remove and clean the dust filters
  • Wipe the machine down with a damp cloth
  • Remove any strapping or banding that may have been picked up by the brushes

To clean your industrial scrubber driers:

  • Flush the dirty water/ recovery tank through to avoid sediment and smells building up
  • Wipe and clean the squeegee blades and vacuum hoses at the back of the machine
  • The scrubber deck/ brushes and squeegee bar can all be hosed down to clean, however the rest of the machine should be wiped down with a damp cloth

On all of our machines, the basic operator care and clean down procedures that we recommend are all ‘no tools required’ so are simple for you to carry out.
How We Help Avoid Downtime:
To avoid large periods of down time, at SRS we supply PDF manuals which help you keep your machine in the best working condition before the professionals take a look at it.

We have a technical team on hand who can provide initial phone assistance (give us a call on 01325 377803 if you need any help!), so we can try and talk you through the problem to come to a solution.

Failing both of the above we are able to either utilise a field engineer or swap your hired cleaning machine for you, so that you’re not left without!

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SRS Cleaning Machine Hire

Cleaning Machine Hire at SRS!

Cleaning machine hire at SRS aims to be as flexible as possible, so that we always have an option suitable for you and your company. We provide three different hire tiers which enable you to hire cleaning machines for the length of time appropriate for your business, dependent on your needs at the current time.

Spot Hire/ Emergency Hire

At SRS Cleaning Equipment we know that sometimes disaster just strikes and you need to clean up in a hurry. We offer same or next day delivery on our cleaning machines for emergency situations so that you can get everything sorted and polished in the least amount of time possible.

Should you have an important visit or a scheduled shutdown where you want to make the most of your downtime by having a deep clean, if you’re looking for specialist cleaning such as diamond polishing, need a builders handover clean of a new site, or have unfortunately experienced a flood and need it managing fast, spot hire of cleaning machines is the option for you.

Short To Medium Term Hire

Short to medium term hire is often sought after to carry out a periodic clean of facilities and can also be effective in testing a machine in your operation, prior to buying or hiring long term, to see how the machine would work in practice for you.

Our short to medium term hire is often used by clients who see a seasonal increase in machine demand, such as a shopping centre during the Christmas period where footfall increases and it’s important to keep the area clean. If you’re due an increase in footfall soon where it’s important that everything is clean, maintained and sparkling, get in touch at 01325 377803.

Longer Term Hire (SRS Flexi Hire)

Longer term hire is appropriate for businesses looking for regular cleans rather than one-off spot cleaning.

Longer term hire is often used instead of purchasing a machine, as it gives you more flexibility – meaning you can upsize or downsize as your requirements may change. You’re also able to de-hire machines with no notice, if your site requirements suddenly change.

Longer term hire may be more appropriate for heavier sites, as the machine will be periodically rotated – ensuring that you always have effective and up to date machinery on site, to complete the task in hand most effectively.

Hiring cleaning machines with SRS ensures that you are always able to keep up with new technology, as it enters the market place. You can upgrade the machine at any point! Our hire options are fully inclusive of maintenance (except for damage and consumables), so are very budget friendly.

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Cleaning Machines 101: The Right Machine For You


Choosing The Right Machine For You

When it comes down to picking a cleaning machine, you first need to evaluate what exactly it is you need the machine to achieve.

Scrubbers Vs. Sweepers.. What’s the difference?

Scrubber driers (both pedestrian and ride on) are used for settings where the floor needs to be scrubbed clean and left sanitary and dry, such as the hospitality sector or food industries, to name just a few. Scrubber driers are fitted with scrub brushes or abrasive pads which agitate and clean the floor using water and degreasers or cleaning solution. Industrial Sweepers are mainly used for loose dust and debris, so are perfect for warehouse settings.

Indoor Cleaning Vs. Outdoor Use

All of our small to medium scrubber driers are for indoor use, as are most of our sweepers.
However, the B980 and SW9XR Armadillo can can be used to clean indoors and also for outdoor cleaning. Our larger combination models can be utilised indoors such as in large distribution centres, but are also perfect for outdoors, such as multi storey car parks.

Our Machines:

NSS Wrangler 2625: Pedestrian Floor Scrubber Drier
The Wrangler 2625 is best suited for small to medium sized spaces, where you need need an industrial yet maneuverable machine. This machine is perfect for food warehouses and factories or hospitals where sanitation is key, and smaller settings such as retail or factory walkways. The Scrubber Drier does what it says on the tin and scrubs floors until they’re sparkling, and also dries up afterwards to avoid any unsightly water stains or health and safety hazards!

NSS Wrangler 3330: Large Pedestrian Scrubber Drier
The ‘big brother’ of the 2625, the NSS Wrangler 3330 is better suited to larger factories and open areas where a pedestrian model is prefered over a ride on machine. This machine has an extended battery runtime and heavy duty brush pressure, making it perfect for ‘diamond polishing’ floors in real times of need!

NSS Champ ZS29 & ZS35: Small/ Medium Ride on Scrubber Driers
These models are best placed in medium size factory, manufacturing and logistics applications, and they are perfect for cleaning up general mucky marks, fork truck tyre marks and for keeping ‘goods inwards’ areas clean and safe for fork trucks.

Eureka E110: Large Battery Powered Scrubber Drier
This is really our 2-in-1, something for everyone machine! The Eureka E110 comes with a debris catch tray and a chemical dosing system. This machine is perfect for vast factories which need to scrub the floor clean and shiny, but also may have small amounts of debris to contend with such as shards of pallet, nuts and bolts and screws!

Hamster 800E: Pedestrian Sweeper
The Hamster 800E is most commonly used at construction sites where staff want to eliminate hand sweeping to save time. This machine is perfect to sweep fine dust and small debris.

Rider 1201 – B980 and Magnum Ride on Sweepers
This range of sweepers are best for medium to large warehouses and are hugely effective at the removal of debris and fine dust. We’ve learned that this machine is perfect for warehouses/ logistic applications where there are rows after rows of long aisles that need sweeping, which would take up valuable work time if it was to be completed by hand. A larger sweeper means that there is a wider sweep path, larger dirt hopper and longer battery run time.

SW9XR Armadillo: Very Large LPG/ Diesel Powered Sweeper
Perfect for large and very dusty sites, the SW9XR are most commonly used on large warehouse builds by for construction cleaning, so that work sites are kept as clean and dust free as possible throughout the process. Multitalented, this machine is also great for car parks and is both an indoor and outdoor machine.

Commander C82 and T82: Large LPG/ Diesel Powered Combination Machines
The Commanders are combination machines meaning that they can both sweep and scrub floors. These machines are frequently sought after by cleaning contractors at the end of a project, when a new facility is being handed over to the client from the building contractor.

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Sourcing Capital Cleaning Equipment in an Uncertain Economy

With the changes that have been proposed for our economy following the results of the recent referendum, there is an undeniable air of uncertainty looming. We are already hearing about projects and investments being put on hold, until there is a clearer picture of how exiting the European Union will affect the UK economy.

However, not all will be brought to a standstill in the business world – cogs are still turning, businesses are still running and environments still need cleaning; in the current state of events we believe that our casual cleaning equipment hire option will be the best option for the majority of people, as it’s a much more flexible and affordable alternative to purchasing equipment outright.

Here are nine benefits to hiring cleaning equipment in the current economy:

1. We’re able to offer you the option to hire the machinery for just a specific product, and return when you are finished the task.

2. As part of the agreement with the supplier, if the cleaning machine unfortunately breaks beyond repair, they will source a replacement for you as quickly as possible to avoid any holdups for the company.

3. Should you decide to downgrade your business, or the machine hired is no longer getting as much use as initially anticipated, it’s a simple process to easily ‘off hire’ the equipment without notice.

4. Your long term plan may be to purchase, which on the whole we do believe is the better option as then you have your machine on hand at all times which can save a huge amount of time and effort. However, with the recent events affecting the economy we fully understand that for now hiring may well be the best option. Long term, hiring equipment is a brilliant way to evaluate a machine on site to determine how much use you would get out of it and how effective it would be for your workspace, before buying one for yourself.

5. Upgrades are always accommodated for – if our machinery or technology is updated and renewed and you’re interested in testing out the newer model, you may upgrade your machine, allowing you to keep your cleaning machine up to date for usually no (or at the very most – minimal!) extra cost.

6. Our rates aren’t just for the machine alone. We want to make sure that you are fully comfortable using the machine and you have been fully cared for and trained before we leave the machine in your capable hands. Our rates include delivery cost, installation and full certified operator training and servicing.

7. If any mishaps happen and you require a replacement machine, this will be provided to you at lightning speed to minimise any downtime on site.

8. Hiring from us, there’s no need to raise capital expenditure to be tied into long term contracts or lease agreements.

9. We allow as much flexibility as possible to up or downgrade equipment during your hire period, as we understand there may be site changes which need to be accommodated for – we’ll always do our best to meet your requirements exactly.

You are more than welcome to give us a call on 01325 377803 to find out more, we’d love to hear from you.

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A clean sweep for the Falkland Islands

From our UK location, SRS Cleaning Equipment can be asked to ship models to faraway places – even those that are more difficult reach. One of the latest examples came when we sent cleaning equipment all the way to the Falkland Islands. Just below is a recap of the story.

Rapid Assistance

Back in April, we responded to the initial query by providing prices and specifications on two of our cleaning units. After helping the customer select the ideal model for their needs and budget, we gave them a quote inside of 20 minutes and they decided to place their order. To transport the equipment, the SRS team liaised with the customer’s shipping agent in Southampton. Having completed the purchase, it turned out the agent would be making its next shipment to the Falklands in three days.

Quality Control

With three days until transit, we decided to make the best use of the time by performing in-depth testing on the cleaning machines. This was done in a 24-hour period to ensure everything was working at peak efficiency. After completing the process, we carefully repackaged the machines for collection by the shipping agent.

Two days later, the shipment began towards the Falklands, where it was completed at the customer’s Stanley-based facility. Ultimately, the process took a sailing time of approximately three to four weeks to reach the final destination.

New customer

The customer that made the purchase was an offshore and onshore provider of shipping services, covering the likes of vessel management and logistics. Among their key clients are the UK Ministry of Defence and the Governments of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

They are now the owner of two brand new Rider 1201 sweepers that will be used to support its cleaning efforts. The company has an array of warehouses and logistical units with significant ground space. Driving the purchase was a need to minimise dust and debris in a more efficient way.

The Rider 1201

The Rider 1201 was sold with full specifications to our client. These included a heavy-duty steel protection kit to minimise damage, easy-empty hopper trays and vacuum attachments. Here at SRS Cleaning Equipment, all of those features are included as standard in new and hire models alike.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the Rider 1201 or how we can help improve your cleaning efforts! Get in touch by phone or email.

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Caring for your battery operated cleaning machines

Cleaning machines can work efficiently for many years before the battery needs replaced, but only if you know how to care effectively for your battery-operated machine. Fortunately, this guide is filled with helpful tips relating to recharging, general maintenance, replacing batteries and safety tips.

Battery Runtimes

Battery operated cleaning machines will require additional care. Ideally, you should begin a full charge cycle when the battery level is down to 10-15%. Across all machines, you can expect to complete a full charge within 10 to 12 hours. With pedestrian and small ride-on battery-powered machines, there is an approximate five-hour runtime. The charging is then performed with an on-board charger that is powered using a 110V or 240V supply. Larger machines with traction packs can potentially run for six to eight hours and are recharged with a standalone 240V or 3-phase charger.

Maintenance Care

Extra care is needed for wet cell batteries, which require the distilled water level to be checked and then topped when required. Quite simply, this is needed to ensure the metal plates are covered and that the battery unit is functioning at peak efficiency.

For a simpler alternative, you can use gel batteries. By design, these are sealed batteries that do not need to be topped up. While they are slightly more expensive, they do not require maintenance and you will avoid such issues.

Ordering Replacements

The lifecycle of a battery is determined by how well they are maintained and how many usage cycles they complete from full charge. For smaller pedestrian and ride-on cleaning machines, it is typically four to five years before a replacement battery is needed. Meanwhile, this can increase to five to 10 years for a larger ride-on model.

Here at SRS, we stock a full range of batteries to ensure customers can seek advice and quotations when they need to order a replacement unit. On hire machines, SRS covers the cost of all replacement batteries provided they have been looked after according to the instructions.

Changing batteries

SRS customer can fit batteries themselves, but we only recommend this if they have the correct installation setup to ensure they are installed safely. The heavy nature of these batteries also means you should seek assistance from others.

Considering that most batteries only need to be replaced every few years, we do advise that you enlist our help. By doing so, you will ensure that the battery is fitted correctly to conform to your cleaning machine.

Health and Safety

When caring for your battery, here are some crucial health and safety tips to remember:

  • Recharge as soon as possible after discharge
  • Always charge in a well-ventilated area
  • Check all connections are tight
  • Confirm the charger is functioning properly
  • Check wet cell water levels frequently
  • Only top up wet cell batteries with distilled water
  • Ensure vent plugs and insulators are in place after a recharge
  • Read and comply with all instructions from the manufacturer
  • Seek assistance if you are ever in doubt
  • For any further advice on caring for your battery operated cleaning machine, feel free to give us a call on 01325 377803 or drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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